Pacific Ice – large gourmet ice cube

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Training videos will be online soon! In the meantime, check out our handy ice usage guide below.

Ice usage guide

Industry Ice cube needs per day (approx)
Restaurant 0.68kg per person
Cocktail 1.40kg per person/seat
Water Glass 118ml per 296ml glass
Salad Bar 13.60kg per cubic foot
Fast Food 148ml per 207-296ml drink
237ml per 355-473ml drink
355ml per 532-710ml drink
Guest Ice 2.70kg per room
Restaurant 0.68kg per person/seat
Cocktail 1.40kg per person/seat
Catering 0.45kg per person
Convenience Store
Beverage 177ml per 355ml drink
296ml per 591ml drink
473ml per 946ml drink
Cold Plate 50% more ice per day
Packaged Ice kgs per bag x bags sold per day
Cafeteria 0.45kg per person
Patient Ice SN12: Up to 20 beds
Beverage Service
Restaurant 40% ice per drink x number of drinks served on peak day