Sotto UG-50

Priced from: $2,024.00

The clear and simple choice

Sotto literally means 'under', and Sotto is the all-new, redesigned undercounter ice machine from Manitowoc Ice. The Italian phrase Sotto Voce – quiet emphasis – perfectly describes Sotto's unique undercounter plug-and-play design, and its industry-leading performance. Sotto will quietly do its job – reliably making quality, clean and clear ice – while allowing you to put greater emphasis on what's most important: your customer.


Sotto is the perfect solution for venues where just a few large cubes in the glass are preferred, e.g. restaurants, bars, cafés, coffee shops, and delis. Quiet by nature, the Sotto undercounter ice machine puts quality ice where you need it most.


Daily ice production: Up to 62kg per 24 hours

Height: 80.00cm

Width: 55.00cm

Depth: 55.00cm

Bin Storage: 25kg

Ice Shape: Gourmet